For the last six years, Ashleigh has served the residents of Council District 4, first as the district’s Constituent Services Manager, and then as Chief of Staff. Ashleigh has talked to thousands of district residents, helping sort through complex neighborhood issues, from abandoned homes to public safety issues, flooding, and more. She has written and advocated for bills to make Pittsburgh more livable for families, improve government transparency, and simplify how the city communicates with the public.


Cleaning Up Vacant + Neglected Properties

When residents call about neglected properties or disruptive tenants, Ashleigh listens. She has personally negotiated to have problem tenants evicted. She uses City and County code enforcement to take absentee landlords to court. She empowers residents to become advocates for their block, successfully cleaning up properties, and getting the worst abandoned homes demolished.


Making our Neighborhoods Safer

The City’s Department of Public Safety is most effective when they have an open line of communication with residents and business owners. Ashleigh has worked with South Pittsburghers to strengthen block watch organizations, who help identify criminal hotspots and broader worrisome trends in neighborhoods. She has worked successfully with Zone 3 and Zone 6 Police to investigate these issues and bring bad actors to justice.

Ashleigh supports the creation and funding of a new Public Safety training facility, which will give the Bureau of Police much-needed space to train new academy classes. This will ensure that we always have enough officers on the streets.


Giving Neighbors a Voice

Ashleigh believes residents deserve a voice in any road or building project that can disrupt or change the neighborhood. When neighbors have questions and concerns about big construction in the community, Ashleigh makes sure they are heard. She has pushed to have the City and developers incorporate residents’ feedback into many big projects — here are just a few:

  • Brookline Boulevard Reconstruction (Brookline)
  • Hillcrest Senior Residences (Carrick)
  • The Dairy District Market Pavilion (Carrick)
  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Renovation (Carrick)
  • Redevelopment of the DePaul School / Bradley Center (Brookline)
  • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Renovation (Beechview)
  • Beechview Senior and Community Center (Beechview)
  • Broadway Avenue T-track Reconstruction (Beechview)
  • Redevelopment of URA-owned buildings (Beechview)


Getting South Pittsburgh’s Fair Share

Ashleigh has worked with City Council to amend the City’s annual capital budgets to bring more paving, economic development, and park improvements to South Pittsburgh. Since 2011, the City has invested more than $11.7 million in Council District 4, not including annual street paving and services. Here are a few important projects that Ashleigh made sure were included in the budget.

  • $300,000 in the 2017 Capital Budget to fix the baseball fields, basketball courts, soccer fields, and concrete stairs at Moore Park in Brookline
  • $900,000 over several years to fully fund the Beechview Senior and Community Center renovation
  • $130,000 in the 2017 budget for new playground equipment and safety surface at the Leolyn Parklet in Carrick
  • $150,000 in the 2017 Capital Budget to match a $600,000 Multimodal Grant for future renovations of Broadway Avenue in Beechview
  • $2 Million in City matching funds for the Brookline Boulevard Reconstruction

….and many, many more.


Advocating for Good, Family-Sustaining Jobs

The daughter of a union man, Ashleigh is an advocate for good, family-sustaining jobs — the kind our district has depended on for generations. She understands the importance not just of raising the minimum wage, but also supporting solid middle-class jobs in the trades, the public sector, and manufacturing. Ashleigh has worked with unions and community advocates to pass Council legislation to provide paid sick leave to Pittsburgh workers. She also wrote and advocated for a bill to provide Paid Family Leave for city employees welcoming a new child. She knows that these kinds of practical employment policies are important for families, and she will continue to fight for good wages and working conditions for all.


Making Government More Open to the Public

Ashleigh pushes to make local government business more open to the public. She helped write and pass the City’s Open Data Law, which cuts through the red tape, and proactively releases budget data, paving schedules, building permits, and more. Rather than go through a cumbersome Right-To-Know process, people can now go online and see open building inspection cases, the City’s year-to-date spending, and more.


Supporting Children & Families

As a parent, Ashleigh knows how financially burdensome it can be for a family to send their children to high-quality child care and Pre-K. She also knows that early childhood programming is essential to get all kids on an equal playing field and ready to learn in kindergarten. Ashleigh is working with advocates, parents, the Pittsburgh Public Schools, and City staff to craft a plan for more affordable and accessible Pre-K for kids living in the City.