Meet Ashleigh

Hi, I’m Ashleigh!

For the past six years, I have served the residents and business owners of South Pittsburgh, first as District 4’s Constituent Services Manager and then as Chief of Staff. If you have called the office for help with anything ranging from a pothole to a vacant property, we’ve probably talked. As Chief of Staff, I successfully fought for South Pittsburgh’s fair share of tax dollars in the City budget for everything from park improvements to road paving. I have had problem tenants evicted, and used code enforcement and the courts to take absentee landlords to task. To create smoother roads and civic spaces we can all enjoy, I pushed the City to complete the Brookline Boulevard Reconstruction and the Beechview Senior and Community Center renovation. I have also used Council’s legislative process to make government more transparent and provide family leave for new parents.

I’m also your neighbor! My husband Chris and I are raising our beautiful young son in Beechview. When we’re both at work, he attends the Elizabeth Seton Center in Brookline, where I know he’s in the best hands. We can’t wait for him to be old enough to get involved in Little League and all the fun activities offered by our recreation centers and libraries.

Even if you don’t live in Beechview, I bet we know each other. I’ve been attending block watches and community meetings in Bon Air, Carrick, Overbrook, and Brookline for years. I’ve helped people voice concerns to the police and private developers about public safety issues or new construction. I’ve helped neighborhood organizations grow, connecting them with funding to expand their good work.


Vote for me in May

I’m asking for your vote, because there is so much more to do! As your Councilwoman, I will focus on what your neighbors have told me is important. Here is the short list of what I want to accomplish in my first term.

  1. I will reinvest in our parks, recreation centers, and senior centers in a way we haven’t seen in a generation. I want to make sure that our family-friendly civic assets make us proud.
  2. I will partner with the police and block watches to ensure that our police officers and tax dollars are being deployed to most effectively reduce crime and make our streets safer.
  3. I will work every day to get heroin out of our communities. I will partner with the Police, the Sheriff, the District Attorney, Allegheny County, universities, and State officials to make sure we are all working together to get opioids off the streets, find treatment for those who want it, and reduce drug-related crimes in our neighborhoods.
  4. I will fight for the kind of family-sustaining jobs our district has depended on for generations. My dad is a union man, so I know it’s about more than raising the minimum wage. I will support and push for more solid middle-class jobs in the trades, the public sector, and manufacturing.
  5. I will be an advocate for stronger, more beautiful business districts where residents can work, shop, and eat. I will make sure the City and the Urban Redevelopment Authority invest in grants and loans to South Pittsburgh business owners, and I will fill vacancies by marketing our neighborhoods to quality business owners.

Still have questions? Want to volunteer? Contact me here: